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The most popular dating sites for flirting in Wellington

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Choosing the right companion is absolutely important but it can bring various real challenges of its own.

So just why rely strictly on the chance to get a partner for life?

Stop waiting eagerly with the expectation of finding someone randomly! You can actually improve love’s chances with the assistance of intelligent algorithms.

Some best Wellington online dating websites and apps play an integral role in connecting people to potential soulmates. Here, we‘ll explain to you which Wellington internet dating sites and apps work particularly well and efficiently. This article will cover all that you should know about finding a suitable companion online.



Wellington Internet Dating: Meet Your Special Someone Using These High Success Rate Sites


Best Online Dating in New Zealand

Academic Singles is a dating portal that seeks to unite users with a higher academic background or a higher income. Although the name suggests that there are only academics on the site, many upper-class people also use it.

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Only Flirts is a popular casual dating portal and the ideal place for users seeking no-strings, casual connections.

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EliteSingles belongs to the leading dating portals for educated and wealthy singles with high standards. The personality test helps thereby to find the right EliteSingles member for you.

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1.Recommendations for the First Date

What should you do on a first date in Wellington? Here are a few recommendations that are certain to be well received. We also have a few location ideas that work exceptionally well for meeting other singles from Wellington.

  • Whairepo Lagoon
    Meet in the center of Wellington at the Whairepo Lagoon and walk the City-to-Sea Bridge. Enjoy the view of the lagoon and sea and the wooden sculptures by Maori artist Paratene Matchitt.
  • Mount Victoria
    Hike Mount Victoria and enjoy the breathtaking views and sweeping vistas looking down upon the rest of Wellington. If you reach the summit at the right time, you can witness stunning moonrises.
  • Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
    The Te Papa Tongarewa is the national museum of New Zealand. Learn about the Maori culture, natural history and beautiful artwork of New Zealand. Of particular interest is the largest specimen of colossal squid which is truly a marvel.
  • Wellington Cable Car
    There is no activity that is as quintessentially Wellington as the cable car ride. Take the five minute ride up the mountain and enjoy the view. Afterwards, visit the cable car museum and learn the history of this iconic transport.

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2.Understand Why internet dating sites are a big success in Wellington nowadays

The present rush of the human race has accelerated drastically. Today everyone is extremely career motivated, that they absolutely do not have any time for real love.

When you work so hard you may not feel like wasting time in bars and clubs wherein you probably won’t meet your perfect match.

In Wellington such internet dating sites grant, for individuals who are single, a great solution for a perfect and true relationship also.

An excellent thing relating to this is...

You are able to experience everything from the comfort of ones home. Register, create a dating profile, find partner suggestions and get started with flirting.

Apart from that, most genuine Wellington dating sites work with a personality test. This test forms the source for the partner suggestions created for users.

How does it help?

The personality tests on professional dating sites were created by renowned psychologists who have incorporated essential aspects of a relationship into the questionnaires.

People with a similar or maybe matching dating profile are then brought together

On the one hand, this ensures that people who are a great match find each other. Having said that, these romances are supposed to last longer as the personality tests are built to look for matches that are sure to have wonderful enduring relationship.

Nonetheless that’s not all…

Experience signifies that people who sign up on reliable dating sites in Wellington in a quest for a partner are keen on entering into a committed relationship.

Any individual is obviously motivated to search a suitable partner after having undergone this 15-20 minutes personality test.

In Wellington these particular dating sites do not support in choosing one night stands but they look closely at a true as well as committed romantic relationship.

It also implies that the emphasis of reliable Wellington dating sites is not only on looks.  Here, potential applicants aren’t superficially chosen by swiping left or right however, as said before, on the idea of specific personality traits.

Test winner in this category:Academic Singles

Academic Singles is a dating portal that seeks to unite users with a higher academic background or a higher income. Although the name suggests that there are only academics on the site, many upper-class people also use it.

Best Online Dating in New Zealand
  • Members are very active
  • Backed by a solid company
  • Partner suggestions are excellent
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3.So How Actually Does Online Dating Work in Wellington?

Wellington online dating sites specializing in serious matchmaking focus on suggesting you partners for a long-term romantic relationship.

These sites are never designed for obtaining short-term sexual romantic relationships, such as quick affairs or one-night stands.

How is this done?

All major websites for serious dating rely on very sophisticated personality surveys and mathematical algorithms for soulmate selection that suggest compatible matches influenced by shared characteristics.

How it is different from other sites?

When compared to popular apps like Tinder, Bumble and Badoo, Wellington internet dating sites for serious long-term romantic relationships or marriage focus more on interest-based matching and less on visual appeal.

In case you have used Tinder or other similar types of apps earlier, you already would have known that the recommended partners have absolutely nothing in common with you - they have different interests, value or desires.

You could avoid this issue if you go for dating sites for serious relationships that match people up according to their interests and compatibility.

In contrast to Tinder and similar apps, registering for a online dating site takes a little bit longer because you first need to answer a few questions about your personality as well as your romantic beliefs. Answer the questions sincerely and truthfully as possible. They're very important.

So why do you need to consider this survey seriously?

Your responses to this survey are mapped against the crucial dimensions of compatibility to locate a perfect partner for you personally within a bunch of prospective matches.

This concentrate on finding long-term, joyful love through by reaching like-minded single men/women.

Is there any catch here?

All this sounds very promising certainly. But there is one catch. Dating sites dedicated to finding serious romantic relationships charge a small monthly fee.

Registration is free and you can even take the personality tests without having to pay anything. However if you really want to begin looking for a soulmate and contact other Wellington singles, you need to go for a premium membership.

Is spending money on monthly subscriptions worth it?

Research reveal that numerous singles in Wellington got a life partner this way. Premium account includes unlimited access to other suitable contacts with an in-depth personality user profile, letting you really get to know your matches.

Any kind of alternative to online dating for finding love?

Of course, there are several alternatives to internet dating. For instance, pubs and clubs are a common place for singles to connect with other people searching for true love. But traditional dating relies upon frequenting nightclubs and other social get together to be able to connect with other singles. This is often difficult for the majority of people since it requires spending a considerable amount of money and time.

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4.You can increase your Online Dating Chances in Wellington this way

You’ve created your online profile and carefully answered the personality questionnaire? Great!

Here are some more techniques to increase your possibilities of finding a flirting partner immediately.

Even when your photo doesn’t play an essential part on serious Wellington dating sites the way it would with a few casual dating apps, a good choice of photos can easily turn you into a front-runner in case you pop-up as a suggested match based upon your personality

How to select the right profile photograph:

  • Smile! A smile on your face, makes you seem a lot more alluring.
  • Pay attention toquality. It does nothas to be a professional picture, but you should be clearly recognizable.
  • You can reveal your desire for in a picture, for instance an image while you are trekking.
  • Use solo images. It doesn’t make sense to make use of photos that show many people. This might bring about misunderstanding.
  • Never everdo this: No mirror selfies or pictures without shirt, and also refrain from uploading social gathering photographs.

Along with a great photo, make sure that the answers in your questionnaire are appealing too. Just remember to stand ahead of your competitors by presenting an exciting personality in your profile.

Be careful!

  • Don’t trycommonresponses like “I love very long strolls on the beach.”
  • Use unique replies but not the exact same like found on the internet.
  • Your answers must be without grammatically and spelling errors.


“I like to know a bit more about you, let us meet for a pizza at the finest Italian restaurant in the city and afterwards enjoy evening walk along the promenade.

Easy, right?

The most interesting part is…

This answer provides your flirting partner with sufficient details to start off a conversation with you, making the start much easier.

The following step requires the most important ability when considering online dating sites: Getting started with your interaction with your very first text.


Check through your dating partner’s profile cautiously then write a message accordingly. In case you have a little something common, it becomes simpler to start with the communication.

Some opening sentences:

“As per the program, we make an excellent match score, which is, 90 on 100. I wish to understand if the program really computes the accurate value. We should plan a meeting to learn more about one another ;)

“Are you really fond of working out just like me? Have you participated in a marathon?”

“I can see the Amalfi Coast right behind in your photograph, have you probably been there? I went there myself recently!”

Needless to say that general phrases and pick up lines replicated from the net won’t get you a long way on a serious dating site in Wellington. It is best to be true and createive with your responses.

Your very first message must be quite short and should make the reader curious to learn more. Keep in mind, to not bore her with prolonged communications, simply give a short introduction about you, even while keeping the excitement.

If you write lengthy texts, she may believe that you have a lot of time and you are simply too desperate to get into a romantic relationship. It seems unexciting and scary simultaneously.

What will happen next?

If she responds back understand that she likes your discussion and you now can continue to gain more information about her. Did the program truly determine correctly?

You might possibly figure out quickly. But you may wonder how?

To keep on going with the discussion, ask her some good and entertaining questions. Such questions may just pop up in your thoughts when you are talking to her.

Our recommendation:Academic Singles

Best Online Dating in New Zealand
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5.Are Dating Sites in Wellington truly safe and sound?

Meeting a stranger you’ve just spoken to online in real world might be scary. An individual can act completely different than in reality. Keyword: catfishing and fake profiles.

But don’t worry and stay cool!

Leading Wellington dating sites are usually risk-free to use.


The helpful customer service staff with renowned Wellington dating sites check out each and every dating profile for its identity and take off those that look doubtful.

Furthermore, leading dating sites require a membership fee to access their exclusive features. Fakes leave after getting to know about the membership fee.

The possibility of falling for fakes is substantially greater on free Wellington dating sites rather than on the ones that demand a membership fee.

Few recommendations for a more secure date:

  • Create an account on those dating sites that have a big name and are usually used by a lot of people.
  • Don’tdisclosetoo much information on the web ( address, full name, and so on. ) when you first start messaging.
  • Give thought toifyour flirting partner’s claims contrast themselves.
  • Your gut feeling will direct you on the perfect path.

Reduce potential challenges on your very first date by applying these steps:

  • Decideto meet up at some public place.
  • Tella close friendor your loved ones exactly where and when you’re meeting for your date.
  • Keepyour best friendon speed dial in order to promptly reach someone in an urgent situation.
  • Wrap upthe date earlierif you ever do not have a good feeling.

Here Are Dating Sites in Wellington You May Trust

Best Online Dating in New Zealand

Academic Singles is a dating portal that seeks to unite users with a higher academic background or a higher income. Although the name suggests that there are only academics on the site, many upper-class people also use it.

Go to  Academic Singles >>


Only Flirts is a popular casual dating portal and the ideal place for users seeking no-strings, casual connections.

Go to  Only Flirts NZ >>

EliteSingles belongs to the leading dating portals for educated and wealthy singles with high standards. The personality test helps thereby to find the right EliteSingles member for you.

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Badoo has many active users around the world. Keep your eyes open while flirting: you will most likely find suitable members nearby

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eHarmony was the first serious online matchmaking company with a laser-sharp focus on creating happy heterosexual marriages.

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6.Additional Location Tips for a First Date in Wellington or for Meeting Singles in Wellington

Other activities suggested by our readers for a first date in Wellington

Te Ng?kau Civic Square
At the heart of Wellington is the Te Ngakau Civic Square. Enjoy the art in the city gallery, sculptures and the architecture. The city gallery is especially beautiful, as it is designed in the inspiring Art Deco style.

BATS Theatre
If one seeks the cultural enrichment of the performing arts, there is no better venue in Wellington than the BATS theatre. Take in a show and then take a walk down Cuba Street and get some good Caribbean cuisine.

Do you have even more recommendations for a first date that you would like to share with other singles in Wellington? Write to us using the contact form.